Being an amputee that is in the public eye has brought me some incredible opportunities in my life. There are speaking events, TV appearances, acting jobs, track meets, these are all awesome but I have to say the ones that really, at the end of the day, mean the most are the opportunities to help kids with disabilities.

I had such an opportunity yesterday.

I met Melody a few years ago at a running clinic that was put on by the Challenged Athletes Foundation, she was an adorable bilateral above knee amputee (just like me) with miles of blond hair down her back! She was just the cutest thing ever.

I knew that I wanted to meet her and her family and maybe stay in touch or something. Well, I got what I wanted, and then some. She has an awesome set of parents that have invited me to be a part of Melody’s life and it has just been so rewarding for me. We have been working on getting her up and running on itty-bitty running legs, spending sometime at the park playing around. I truly feel that I get more out of knowing her then she does knowing me. I just think back to being a little kid growing up feeling like there was no one like me out there in the world and knowing that she never has to feel that way, is just awesome.

The world of prosthetics (healthcare in general) can be rough sometimes and Melody’s family has found that they are having a tough time paying for the co-pay for her big girl legs. So her community rallied behind her and created an event to support the cause. It was yesterday in Long Beach and I was there on hand to help the efforts and was even asked to speak to the crowd and share a bit about my relationship with my ‘Mini Me’. I have always been blessed to be able to pay for my prosthetics and have never worried about how I would cover the cost, so being a part of her journey and helping make that happen for her too was just pure joy for me.

My friends and family really stepped up and donated money to her fund. I don’t think I have ever been happier to write a $600 check. Thank you to those who gave for their generosity!

Her battle with co-pays is not over, she will need prosthetics as she grows taller. She is a very lucky girl to have such an incredibly supportive community to support her but there are many kids that don’t so it’s important to get the word about them and try to get them the medical care that they need.

If you would like to support Melody by making a donation you are welcome to send cash to me at my account. Just send it to and I will make sure that she gets it!

Or you can send it directly to her bank – Melody Bach c/o Wells Fargo Bank 4601 E. 2nd Street Long Beach, CA 90803.

Thank you for making a difference for her.



  1. Very good written story. It will be helpful to anybody who usess it, including myself. Keep doing what you are doing – can’r wait to read more posts.

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