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I have recently been called in to audition for a pilot for a tv show for one of the big networks.  We were in Vegas for Jay’s birthday and of course as soon as I left town, opportunity came knocking… the role was for a girl in her 20’s that is an amputee, she has had a one night stand with the main character of the show. She is a tough girl who is self-confident, regardless of her physical situation. I had a great audition, hit it off really well with the casting director, knew that I was perfect for this job and left believing that I had booked it.

Then I waited. And waited. Didn’t hear anything.

I was very confused about what that meant, how could I be so wrong about how the meeting had gone?

I ended up having my agent call and get feed back for me.

I was wrong. They loved me. They agreed that I did a great job and they had said that the producers decided that they thought that the role was more of a sight gag and was a bit shallow.They then said that they wanted to bring me in again down the line for a role that wasn’t an amputee at all.

That is what I have been working towards for years. I used to say, whatever gets your foot in the door, even if it’s a prosthetic foot…

But now I am not so certain that always getting cast as ‘disabled girl’, ‘sassy, confident, funny, even in her situation…’ is the best way to make a name for yourself.

People in Hollywood want to put you into your little box,

oh, you’re the chubby guy,

oh, you’re the funny girl

oh, you’re the hunk

you’re the….

But even the word, ‘DISABLED’ sits uneasily in my stomach.

Not able.

I know plenty of people who have all of their body parts in working order and they can’t make it to the grocery store without a major issue. Some of the most amazing people I know are unable to walk or see or talk. But they live. They live life everyday to the fullest and keep their ‘disabilities’ out of it.

I have been meeting with potential managers recently too and it’s been very interesting (and empowering) to sit there and say, I am looking for someone who is not afraid to pitch me as a ‘normal’ person.  Sitting down with people and saying this is what I need, if that’s you, great, if not fine too.   I am pretty close to making a choice on my newest team member who can help take my career to that next level and that makes me very excited.

I think that we often get afraid to make changes or get comfortable in our current situations and don’t want to make waves but what can happen is then we get stuck – not moving forward.  It’s really good for us, from time to time, to try to shake things up in our lives, however scary that may be.  Stepping out of our comfort zone can be hard but what it can lead to is amazing!

Take a chance this week and try shaking things up!


  1. that is the best thing iv ever saw u and the others done a great job on that a real good job i ottally wish they could put that on tv im adding it to my faverates

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