31 and 3/4!

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My nieces have birthdays about a month apart, which makes this time of year generally busy trying to figure out what ‘kids are into these days’ – can’t BELIEVE that I’m even saying that! – and what ‘Awesome Aunt Katy’ should buy them! My oldest niece, Kira, just turned 9, it seems like yesterday when she was 3 weeks old and throwing up down my shirt (that’s a story for another time) and it made think about being young and feeling like things took forever to come, like summer break, Christmas break, Spring break, basically anytime that I didn’t have to go to school or BIRTHDAYS. I remember feeling when I was...

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Mini Me

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Being an amputee that is in the public eye has brought me some incredible opportunities in my life. There are speaking events, TV appearances, acting jobs, track meets, these are all awesome but I have to say the ones that really, at the end of the day, mean the most are the opportunities to help kids with disabilities. I had such an opportunity yesterday. I met Melody a few years ago at a running clinic that was put on by the Challenged Athletes Foundation, she was an adorable bilateral above knee amputee (just like me) with miles of blond hair down her back! She was just the cutest thing ever. I knew that I wanted to meet her and her family and maybe stay in touch or...

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Guest Blog: Daniel

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I have three siblings, I am the baby of the family. I have a ‘Irish Twin’ (we are 18 months apart) named Daniel, who is just one of my favorite people on the planet. Whenever we get together we spend all of our time laughing. He is a financial guru who moonlights as a gardener, he is one of MY biggest cheerleaders, he is a doting husband to his wife, Rebecca, the father to my ADORABLE God-son, Logan and he is the guest blogger for this week. Enjoy! Improving Your World Little by Little By Daniel Sullivan As cities grow larger by the day, and as more people move from rural to urban environments, it is a present-day conundrum that so many of us feel...

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Container Garden

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I have recently started growing some plants on our balcony and I had no idea how much fun it was going to be! My brother is very into gardening and learning about plants and taking care of them and he was out in California for a visit and I seized the opportunity! I put him to work and we spent the better half of two days choosing the best options for my window boxes and balcony. We had to consider how big things can get and the best bang for our buck. We ended up with a range of herbs (basil, cilantro, rosemary, among others) and berries (straw and blue) and then some tomatoes and peppers. Not only was I thrilled to FINALLY get my container garden started BUT I was...

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Guest Blog: Maureen

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