New Year

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It’s so interesting to me the idea of a New Year. We all get this feeling that we get a clean slate, we can start over and become anything that we want. The idea that we can totally reinvent ourselves and accomplish the impossible. What is it about the passing of a year that gives us that power to see ourselves rising above what we have been able to create in the past and reach the dreams that we have been keeping at bay? Why is it that we allow ourselves to slip down back off the wave of what is possible as soon as the high of what is New has rubbed off? My wish for all of you is to have a magical holiday that will keep the fire of possibility burning inside you...

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I had the incredible fortune to be invited to attend the Hollywood Premiere of DOLPHIN TALE this weekend. It is a new movie coming out about a dolphin, Winter, that has it’s tail amputated after getting it caught in a crab trap and the amazing team of experts that help rehab her back to health. It’s a great story if it ended there but the fact that she now uses a prosthetic tail to swim is what really takes it to the next level. The man who is responsible for building the tail is someone who I have known and respected for years, Kevin Carroll, he is a joyful, animated, Irishman, who was a drummer in a rock band at one time, and someone I like to refer to as...

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31 and 3/4!

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My nieces have birthdays about a month apart, which makes this time of year generally busy trying to figure out what ‘kids are into these days’ – can’t BELIEVE that I’m even saying that! – and what ‘Awesome Aunt Katy’ should buy them! My oldest niece, Kira, just turned 9, it seems like yesterday when she was 3 weeks old and throwing up down my shirt (that’s a story for another time) and it made think about being young and feeling like things took forever to come, like summer break, Christmas break, Spring break, basically anytime that I didn’t have to go to school or BIRTHDAYS. I remember feeling when I was...

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I have recently been called in to audition for a pilot for a tv show for one of the big networks.  We were in Vegas for Jay’s birthday and of course as soon as I left town, opportunity came knocking… the role was for a girl in her 20’s that is an amputee, she has had a one night stand with the main character of the show. She is a tough girl who is self-confident, regardless of her physical situation. I had a great audition, hit it off really well with the casting director, knew that I was perfect for this job and left believing that I had booked it. Then I waited. And waited. Didn’t hear anything. I was very confused about what that meant, how...

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Simply for the Love of it.

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My awesome and hilarious husband, Jay Cramer,  is the Director of the Performing Arts Program at Rancho los Amigos National Rehab Center, it’s a program that is made up of past or current patients of the hospital who are all performers- singers, dancers, comedians. It’s truly amazing the amount of talent that has passed through Rancho and these people are mostly untrained.  There is everything from an Elvis tribute artist to singer-songwriters to poets and everyone of them is living life after some sort of injury or disability.  Every time I go to rehearsal, I leave with so much joy from the excitement of these people and their passion for their...

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Today’s blog is a collaboration with a dear friend and mentor of mine, Mara Purl.  We have been friends for many years and have seen amazing things happen for each other in that time!  She is the author of a series of Women’s Fiction Novels being released in hard back next month! Along with the release of her novel, WHAT THE HEART KNOWS, she is going on a Virtual Blog Tour, which she not only asked me to be a part of but she invited me to kick it off! So here it is,  a co-authored blog – Mara’s first stop on her 2011 Blog Tour! This will be posted not only on Eternal Optimist but also Mara’s blog at...

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